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The Maryland Wrestler
The Official Publication Of The Maryland State Wrestling Association
The MSWA publishes a newsletter called "The Maryland Wrestler". For the low price of only $12 per year, you will get the most comprehensive coverage of Maryland wrestling available anywhere. Yes, even more than here on the web page. Obviously, the web page is free for you to look at and it would not make a lot of sense for us to include everything found in the newsletter here on the web. So if you want to see what you've been missing, I urge you to become a subscriber.

By helping support "The Maryland Wrestler", not only will you get some great wrestling information, but you will also help keep this web page going. And, don't forget, a subscription to "The Maryland Wrestler" is the only way for you to get the most current high school ranksing immediately after they are released.

Your $12 will bring you 8 issues per year and will help to support all of the wonderful programs that the MSWA brings to your community. Or, you can pay $18 to receive, in addition to the regular subscription, an immediate release of the high school rankings directly from the state chairman; Haswell Franklin.

Won't you please subscribe? Please send a check for $12 or $18 made payable to the MSWA to:
       The Maryland Wrestler
       74 Terrace Drive 
       Prince Frederick, MD 20678
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