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State High School Rankings
MSWA's Top Six Selections For Each Weight Class
The Maryland State Wrestling Association ranks the high school teams and individuals from December through March. This is a special feature of the Maryland Wrestler Newsletter and, as such, it would not be prudent for me to list the rankings here as it would undercut our subscribers.

Therefore, it is my intention to list only the "old" rankings here on this web page. If you would like to see the current rankings, you must become a subscriber to the Maryland Wrestler Newsletter. It's only $12 per year and it will not only get you the current rankings but it will also get you more Maryland related wrestling information than will appear in the web page. Your $12 will bring you 8 issues per year and will help to support all of the wonderful programs that the MSWA brings to your community. Won't you please subscribe? Please send $12 made payable to the MSWA to:

The Maryland Wrestler
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  • 1998/99 Pre-season Rankings
  • December, 1998 Rankings
  • January, 1999 Rankings
  • February, 1999 Rankings
  • March 1, 1999 Rankings
  • Final - March 15, 1999 Rankings

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