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Special Information
Attention Wrestlers
March 11, 1999

A Recipe For Success

Do You Want To Be A Champion?
Do You Want To Find Out Just How Good You Can Be?

Well, let me tell you... the time to find out is now. Don't wait any longer. You're young and you think you have forever... but you don't. You're gonna blink and your chance will be gone. Don't find yourself sitting in the stands someday wondering "How good could I have been?".

Find out now! How? By devoting yourself to wrestling as much as possible. And this simply has to include Freestyle and Greco-Roman. I'm telling you the truth here. If you want to be a Folkstyle champion, your best bet is to get involved in spring/summer Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Sure, you should continue to wrestle in the Folkstyle events that are coming up like the Age/Weight States and others. But those events are limited. Very soon, Folkstyle will be put aside by the serious wrestlers and it'll be time to fly (for your opponent through the air, that is).

Freestyle and Greco are fun! They're exciting! They will improve your chances of being a high school champion. They will not cause you to forget how to wrestle Folkstyle... don't listen to that. You will become better on your feet, much better. And we all know that takedowns is where it's at. They will also teach you how to not get turned on the bottom. Hey, let's put those two together in a Folkstyle match. First period, you're on your feet and what's important... takedowns. Second period, you're either on the bottom or, guess what, you can be on your feet again... more takedowns. Freestyle and Greco wrestlers love to wrestle on their feet. Why? Because that's where they're confident. They've been there more than anywhere else. You know, in Freestyle and Greco the top man only has a few seconds to try and turn the bottom man and then guess what? The ref brings you both back to your feet again... takedowns, takedowns, takedowns.

I encourage all of you to come on out and give this a try. There are great rewards and adventures awaiting you. Talk to some of the past members of the Maryland National Team. Find out for yourself how much fun they had and how much they think it helped their Folkstyle wrestling. Find out where the nearest wrestling club is in your area and join. Then plan on entering as many of the tournaments as you can so you can get that all important ingredient... experience! If you really want to be a champion then you have to get as much experience on the mat as possible and this just has to include Freestyle and Greco.

The Clock Is Ticking And The Calendar's Flipping!

Don't wait, get involved now or may regret it. Take it from an old guy who wishes he had been more involved, don't find yourself wondering how good you could have been... find out now! Good luck.

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